How Much Does a Freight Dispatcher Make?

Employed Freight dispatcher income outlook.

Freight dispatching is undoubtedly one of the highly profitable professions in the transportation industry. But do you know how much a freight dispatcher makes? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of a truck dispatcher working in the US transportation industry is around $46000. Your exact salary as a truck dispatcher depends on several factors, such as:

  • Job location
  • Employer
  • The type of trucking business your employer runs
  • Duration of your dispatching duties
  • Size of fleet you manage
  • Your experience

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising if it comes to your knowledge that dispatchers in one area are earning more or less than dispatchers in other areas. The salary of freight dispatchers also depends on their level of education. Dispatchers with higher education are likely to earn more than their undereducated counterparts.

According to, the average annual income of a truck dispatcher is $39860, or $19 per hour. Dispatchers earning as terminal managers for reputable transporters of the country earn up to $6200 a year. The per-hour salary of freight dispatchers also varies from state to state. For example, in 2010, per hour salary of truck dispatchers in Connecticut was $20.64, Wyoming $20.32, Alaska $20.30, and Nebraska $20.

With the rapid growth in the e-commerce sector, the demand for freight dispatchers in the transportation industry has seen a gradual rise. More and more e-commerce companies are moving their goods by trucks, increasing the demand for truck dispatchers. Where high demand for freight dispatchers creates new employment opportunities for them, there’s no significant increase in their salary.

How can freight dispatchers earn more?

Freight dispatchers can increase their earnings by starting their own dispatching business. It may be a tricky choice for them because starting a dispatching business require investment, but it is certainly a profitable option in the long run. Dispatchers working as freelancers or in trucking companies as employees can increase their income in the following ways:

·        Leverage e-commerce growth

The E-commerce industry has been consistently growing over the last few years. Truck dispatchers can leverage this growth to increase their salaries. For example, dispatchers can earn more by joining e-commerce companies that ship more frequently and over greater distances. More freight shipping at greater distances translates into more money for the company and the freight dispatcher. In fact, the volume of shipped freight is directly related to the salary of a freight dispatcher. Higher shipping volume means a higher salary.

·        Use of advanced technology

With every passing day, more trucking companies are increasingly using advanced technology to bring automation and efficiency into their operations and processes. Their strategy and planning to automate and modernize their business make them prefer freight dispatchers that can use modern logistics tools like TMS (Transportation Management System). They’re ready to pay higher to the truck dispatchers with technical skills. Therefore, freight dispatchers can take advantage of this trend by becoming familiar with the latest logistics technologies and tools.

·        Improve customer service

Improving customer service helps you get more clients and retain them. For freight dispatchers, more clients mean a higher salary. Trucking companies also prefer freight dispatchers that can provide excellent customer care. Truck dispatchers can capitalize on this by mastering the art of white-glove customer service. Working on your communication skills also helps improve customer service. You should be able to comprehend the queries and questions of the customers and answer them quickly and efficiently. You should apply a proactive approach to resolve issues the customers are facing.

Although freight dispatching is already one of the highest-paid jobs, freight dispatchers can still increase their income by taking a positive approach, learning the use of advance technology, and focusing on customer care.

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